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TOEFL Vocabulary: Verbs 3

Stress the 2nd Syllable of These Verbs. Study, Then Practice Below.

determine: to decide based on facts

We cannot determine the winner of the race at this time. We have to review the video first.

elicit: to get from someone

She is good at eliciting information from people.

encourage: to give support

You need to encourage your son. He cannot do well in school without your support.

enhance: to make better

It isn't too hard to enhance a room. You can buy a few new pillows and replace the curtains.

forbid: to tell another person that he/she cannot do something

Her mother forbid her to go to parties until she was eighteen.

Fill in the missing words. Answers are below:

1. He is always ______________ his daughter, and she is a happy child.
2. The manager has ____________ everyone from working overtime.
3. The doctor could not _____________ the cause of death.
4. The reporter interviewed a movie star and ___________ the name of the movie star's boyfriend.
5. You can _____________ your smile by whitening your teeth.

Stress the 2nd Syllable of These Verbs Also. Study, Then Practice Below.

intrigue: to make a person interested by being mysterious or not easy to understand

His paintings intrigued me. I was not sure what he meant to say creatively, but I liked them.

persuade: 1. to get a person to do something, 2. to show a person what is so

He persuaded me to give him $500, and now I regret it.
The dog's tiredness, ongoing for three days, persuaded him that the dog was sick.

propose: to suggest, often used in formal situations or to make a suggestion in a humorously formal way

He is proposing budget cuts that would cause 20 layoffs.
For New Year's Eve, I propose that we go to a bar. Then another bar. After that, another bar.

replace: to exchange one thing for another

When she received a pay-raise, she replaced her old living room set. The new one is beautiful.

restore: to put into a former condition, to make something that is old look more like new

She works as a painter and wood-worker. She restores old furniture.

Fill in the Missing Words. Answers are below:

1. You can ____________ a new project to your manager if you don't have enough to do.
2. This cream ______________ the skin. Fine lines and age spots disappear.
3. The man in the corner of the room _____________ her. He was sitting by himself and reading a book.
4. You need to ____________ these windshield wiper blades. They're terribly noisy!
5. Her parents tried to __________ her to attend a community college, but she went to an out-of-state university.

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Answers: 1. encouraging, 2. forbidden, 3. determine, 4. elicited, 5. enhance
2 Answers: 1. propose, 2. restores, 3. intrigued, 4. replace, 5. persuade

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