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Student Comments on Classes

"I was pronouncing O in just one way. If I said above, only and bought, the sound was about the same. Now that I can hear the three basic O sounds, I speak more clearly, and I am also better at pronouncing new words."--Tai, a Japanese student

"I could not do a V sound or a Z sound at all. These sounds are not in every word, but it was still bothering me. I took a few classes, figured out the sounds, and now I can speak with confidence."--Hitu, an Indonesian student

"I was having trouble with the S sound, the R sound and TH sounds. We practiced pronunciation until I understood those sounds. Now the teacher is helping me prepare for business presentations. I speak the presentation to her, and she writes down the words that are not correct--the problem is often syllable stress or the vowel sound in the word. I continue to improve, and I give good presentations!"--Katsuo, a Japanese student

"I tried using books with cd's. I learned a lot that way, but then I knew I could not progress without having a teacher listen to me. Erica was amazing! I read aloud from books, and she heard the words in which the sounds were not quite right. I was able to perfect my speech."--Estevan, a Brazilian student

"I have been learning to speak with English grammar. Every week, we learn one or two new rules, and the teacher asks me questions to help me use the grammar rules when I speak. It works for me--if I only used a book, I would forget everything."--Ana, a Spanish student

"I needed to pass the USMLE, the interview test for doctors. My English pronunciation score was low the first time, and I did not pass. I took intensive classes for two months, learned all the English pronunciation rules and then I passed!"--Soma, an Indian student

"After two months of English lessons, my friends and family started telling me that my speech was better. They hear a big difference. Now I practice speaking with the instructor. We use everyday conversations to improve my fluency."--Chin Ho, a Korean student

"I am a software programmer from Russia. I had already worked on reducing my R sound, but I still had many situations when people did not understand me. During English classes, the teacher helped me with vowel sounds, syllable stress and grammar. I improved in speaking, and now I can continue improving on my own."--Svetlana, a Russian student

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