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English Pronunciation Recordings of Your Words

Send us words from your everyday life, and we will provide a recording in Standard American English. You will hear pronunciation sounds and stresses. This is a live recording, not computer-generated. Don't worry about grammar. If your grammar is incorrect, we will fix it!

Recordings: Words You Need

Your Job Description
Job Interview Questions
Your Personal Description
A Typical Conversation
Explanation of Your Hobby
Create a full job description. Include as much work vocabulary as you can.
Preparing for an interview? Write answers to your important interview questions.
Write the description you would give if you were at a party and someone asked, "so what do you like to do?"
Write down a conversation you havae regularly, i.e. a work conversation, something you say at meetings or a conversation with your child's teacher or your doctor.
Describe how you do one of your hobbies or interests. Provide as much detail as you can.
$17.99 for a recording that includes grammar corrections when needed.
* Names of towns and streets can be regional (change based on the community's speech). We will try, but cannot guarantee knowledge of these pronunciations.

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