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English Pronunciation and Grammar Classes

Take English classes by the hour with an instructor using Skype or in person (if you live in Seattle). Classes can be for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. When you begin classes, you will choose how long you want to study. The instructor will ask you about your needs and create a class plan with you. Below are pages from the website which are often used in classes.

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What You Learn

500 Common English Words

beginning, intermediate and advanced

Learn the sounds of standard American English with the 500 most common words. Perfect difficult sounds such as R, L, TH, A, I, O and more. Learn spelling patterns. Study syllable stress and word stress in sentences.

My Vocabulary

intermediate and advanced

Speak with the instructor using questions about everyday life. Learn the correct pronunciation of words from your own vocabulary. Practice speaking in the past tense and other tenses.

Casual English

intermediate and advanced

Have you ever wondered how people can speak so quickly? Learn the sounds that get dropped for casual American English. Improve your listening skills as well.

American English Idioms

intermediate and advanced

Study common expressions such as light at the end of the tunnel and the last straw. Learn idioms to understand more about casual speech and to have fun!

Student Materials

intermediate and advanced

Many ongoing students begin to use The New York Times or other popular news sources to learn words from current events. Students also practice with business presentations, work emails or interview questions to perfect their essential speaking skills. Lessons to prepare for the TOEFL or USMLE are available as well.

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