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English Writing Classes

English Writing Classes

Personal or Professional Writing
Creative Writing: Fiction, Essay or Poetry
Editing in Person
Send your emails, blog entries, case notes, meeting notes, website content, etc. Your words will remain confidential, and you will use your everyday life to perfect your grammar and written communication.
Send your creative wriiting. We will edit the grammar (using the various models for poetry). We will also  tell you what we liked and if there are places where you can add detail.
Sign up for Skype classes or in-person classes if you are in Seattle. Go over your work with a teacher--get an edit while asking any questions that you have.

The instructor charges the same hourly rate used for lessons. You can try it out with a half hour edit to see how much can be accomplished--this is quite a lot!

Please see the payment page for price information.

Read more about writing in English. Read about Grammar and Idioms. You can also use the writing classes to practice putting idioms into sentences.

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