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"I feel much better because I'm more aware of different ways that people pronounce their vowels. I really enjoyed learning how to pronounce properly, like my ear is hearing more precisely and I just need to use it more often."
--N.L., a Russian student

Start with your free consultation and then buy your English class package below. You will receive a receipt automatically. If your company will reimburse you for this training, we can provide an invoice as well. We will also provide certificates of completion and progress upon request. Premium English classes include:
 * Our pre-check, analysis of start level, and recommendations
* 25 or 50-minute classes with a tutor
* Online courses for practice between classes
* Optional group classes
* Progress check with follow-up plan

* The pre-check and progress check = two 50-minute classes. If measuring progress is not important to you, you can substitute one or both for regular class days.

Choose the payment plan that works best for you. There is no additional charge for making payments.

 2-Month Packages
Total Cost
Make 2 payments

Make 3 Payments

1 Fifty-Minute Class Per Week
or 2 Twenty-Five Minutes Classes Per Week
Total of 8 Weeks with the Instructor

Pre-test and Progress Check
Online English Course for Daily Practice




2 Fifty-Minute Classes Per Week
Total of 16 Classes with the Instructor

Pre-test and Progress Check
Online English Course for Daily Practice




* Seattle residents taking in-person classes can pay with cash or check as well.

Terms of payment

Schedule your free class first. Make the payment after you have met the instructor and planned your class schedule.

Packages: The above packages are for classes with tutors only, not for working directly one-on-one with Erica Rosi. To work with Erica, please contact her to request an invoice.

Refund policy: We do not give refunds for paid in advance classes. We will reschedule when needed for an emergency or unexpected trip.

Cancellation policy: Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or you are charged the regular cost for the missed hour. Please inform of cancellations by email or instant messaging on skype.

If you need to miss a class, we can reschedule or make up the class during the next week.

Time limit policy: Your classes must be used within three months of your initial purchase date.

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