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500 Words Practice: Short U Sound

Practice the short U, called the schwa sound, with these readings.

The short U (schwa) is in bold print.

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A mother does many things during the day. She helps her kids wake up early and get some breakfast. When they come home from school, she pushes them to study and get their homework done. During weekends, she often takes them to parks and zoos. They learn about the earth and the wonders of the world. Most mothers never have enough time in the day to get everything done.


It is always wise to try to use the right words. When computers were still new machines, many people made mistakes with words by email. But once an email is sent, it cannot be corrected completely. It is much better to understand the power of words. This way, if you need to make a negative statement, you can place it among positive thoughts. This helps the person learn from your advice without getting annoyed. Certainly, it is good to be direct without appearing rude. What person does not benefit from using appropriate words in the working world?

Advanced Practice with U Sounds: Reading 1 and Reading 2.

Practice Tips:
You can also reduce "to" and say "t" when joining it to a next word, as in "t' the park."
Remember that schwa sounds like "u" as in "up" or nothing (no sound).
It is so simple that next to some letters, especially R, no sound is heard.


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