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500 Words Extra Practice: Short A next to N or M

Practice speaking the A next to N or M. Remember this is a "bending" sound, somewhat between long A and uh.

Animals, Plants and Land at the Zoo

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I took my daughter to a zoo that had large tracts of land for the animals. There were  many fantastic plants along the walkways. It was hot, and the zoo sold pretty paper fans at little shopping stands. Parents and children walked hand in hand. My daughter asked me questions about all the animals. Every time I began to answer one of her questions, she would see another amazing animal or plant. She wanted me to give her examples of the animals' lives in their native lands. I tried to help her understand how animal families live and the greater plan of nature. And soon, of course, the day came to an end. We ran to have time to see the pandas. It was a grand exhibit. Many tired, but happy families were standing there.    

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