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500 Words Extra Practice: L Sounds

These reading passages have many words with L from the 500 words list. Use these to practice English pronunciation of L sounds.

Language Learning

It is always difficult, not at all simple, to learn a new language. Language learning is a lifelong process of listening for the sounds of vowels and consonants and developing one's knowledge about language rules. Most people have to complete several classes to speak clearly. While learning new rules, some problems reveal little differences between languages. These subtle points can feel almost laughable, but they tell of culture choices that happen when people are living in different worlds. A student will only be truly glad when real progress leads to fluent speech.


The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are famous for their animals. The whole ecosystem is special. The islands have plains or fields where the komodo dragons stride across the land.  In the water there are coral reefs with bright yellow and blue colors. Seals play and slip from one place to another.  Sea turtles travel for miles to the Galapagos to lay their eggs. They leave their eggs in the sand and slowly return to the sea. The Galapagos Islands also have special bird species, such as the flightless cormorant and the swallow-tailed gull. Most gulls are diurnal, but the Galapagos swallow-tailed gulls are nocturnal. At night, they fly in circles over the sea and look for squid and nocturnal fish.


Children like to play in different ways. Some children play pretend games with dolls and stuffed animals. Some build multi-floored buildings with wooden blocks. Some like to watch airplanes flying through the clouds. Some like to steer remote controlled planes through schoolyards and playgrounds. Young athletes will lift themselves on parallel bars or line up for relay races. Many children like being told old stories by aunts, uncles or other family members. Still other kids love to watch the flames of a fire. At long last, the flames lie low and there is only a golden glow.

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