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500 Common Words Extra: Short A

Use this practice paragraph to put the Short A words into use. Click the link below to watch the video.

Pronunciation Video: Repeat after Instructor


Many things can happen when people travel. People in the first class cabin have access to better seats and service. People in the back have to deal with a lack of space. Babies often cry before and after the fast change in altitude. People have to laugh and forget it, but actually the crying can last a long time. On overseas trips, people watch the map of the flight and see the pattern of travel. The attendants wear black and white. They offer coffee with half and half and pass along the aisles. They act happy and ask people what they want repeatedly. Perhaps travel is easier now than years ago, but it is still taxing.

Note: the words "can" and "and" often reduce (we speak them quickly). Study this list of reduced sounds.

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