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500 Words Extra Practice: the Short O Sound

Articulate the Short O sound by opening the jaw and keeping the lips relaxed. The words with this sound are in bold print. The Open A sound is the same, so those words are also in bold.

If only part of the word is in bold print, the other O has a different sound, such as the u in up or the long o as in no.

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1. Exercise is good for the body.
2. He bought groceries and brought them home.
3. That is a common expression.
4. The house is on the corner. I will tell you the cross streets.
5. Many people are walking their dogs.
6. She followed the instructions and got the result that she wanted.
7. Hot days can seem long.
8. A lot of people have off and on relationships.
9. Often it is possible to solve problems.
10. Rock songs can be top-selling products.
11. He is a strong person who thinks good thoughts.
12. The child talks a lot and she doesn't know when to stop.

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