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500 Words Extra Practice: the Sound

Practice the soft sound. Remember: make the long U sound and then relax your lips by 50%.

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What Would Books Say?

If books could talk, what would they say these days? The phrase, "if books could talk" comes from the days of paper books. These days technology is putting the paper trade in jeopardy. I guess we will not know the full story for years to come. Paper books could co-exist with electronic books. But many people believe the prospects for paper books do not look good. Perhaps some people are trying to pull strings* to keep the world of paper-made books alive. In the days before mass publishing, every book was unique. Because it took years to create a single volume, people understood that books were valuable. Maybe we should switch to having both electronic and hand-made books. Then books made of paper will become priceless, and the whole cycle could start again.

* "pull strings" is an idiom which means to contact people that you know who have influence or power and get them to help you. Study more idioms.

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