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Business Communication: Giving  Compliments at the Workplace

Everyone enjoys receiving compliments. Compliments help you create positive connections with your coworkers. To give appropriate compliments in an American office environment, follow these tips:

Find out what the person cares about. If your compliment does not match the person's interests/goals, it might not be appreciated.
Give a compliment that is detailed. This shows that you are truly appreciative and well-informed. The person who receives that compliment will feel it is very worthwhile.
Avoid giving excessive compliments to one person even if that one person is consistently successful. Be sure to spread your compliments evenly among the people you work with.

Examples of good compliments:

"I noticed how fast you and your team completed that project. I couldn't believe you could finish it so quickly!"

"I heard about how you solved the troubleshoot issue. Your method was deceptively simple. It seems easy after-the-fact, but everyone was completely puzzled until you gave your ideas."

"Your clothes are always so interesting. I wish I knew how to put outfits together the way you can!"

"You have the neatest desk in the office. Have you always been so organized?"

Receiving Compliments

Say "thank you" and continue with the topic of the compliment, but let the topic move away from yourself. Then the compliment-giver knows that you appreciated it. At the same time, you do not appear self-oriented.

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