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Business English: The Job Interview

Knowing Your Interviewer

While you need to practice your answers to interview questions and be fully prepared to describe yourself and your abilities, it is helpful to look at the other side of the fence.

Your interviewer may be replacing a wonderful person who will be greatly missed. Or, your interviewer could be re-filling the position for the 3rd time after having several bad experiences with people. Your interviewer could be leading a team that works together very well. Or your interviewer could be dealing with internal problems--people who are not working that well. These positives and negatives do not always reflect on the office or management team. Sometimes people  change suddenly when going through a hard experience, such as a divorce, or sometimes the most troubled people train themselves to be excellent at interviews.

Think not only about yourself, but about the different real-life scenarios that could apply to your interviewer. Remember that many social issues come up at work--it's not all about the work itself--at least not for managers who have to secure working relationships within teams.

Lastly, remember that being the interviewer is at least as difficult as interviewing. It's tiring to meet many different personalities and try to wisely interpret what each has to offer.

As you interview, think about your interviewer on both a professional and human level. Present your qualifications clearly. Create a confident, calm presence. Find a few moments when you can smile and laugh.

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