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Pronunciation of -ed in Past Tense: Practice

Here are some common words to help you practice the -ed ending. Review the sound rules. Study the -ed ending.

the "T" sound the "ed" sound the "D" sound
c/k, f (gh or ph), j, (dge),
p, s, z, sh, ch
d, t b, g, m, n, r, w, v, y,
a, e, i, o, u

Now practice by deciding the pronunciation for these words.

Write down your answers.
Go to the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Words: achieved, affected, answered, appeared, argued, attacked, assigned, avoided, belonged, burned, charged, checked, cleaned, cleared, climbed, collected

1. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "T?"

2. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "ed?"

3. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "D?"

Words: damaged, danced, discussed, divided, dropped, encouraged, ended, enjoyed, expressed, extended, folded, handled, intended, invited, jumped, linked

4. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "T?"

5. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "ed?"

6. Which words have "ed" that sounds like "D?"


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1. attacked, charged, checked

2. affected, avoided, collected

3. achieved, answered, appeared, argued, assigned, belonged, burned, cleaned, cleared, climbed

4. damaged, danced, discussed, dropped, encouraged, expressed, jumped, linked

5. divided, ended, extended, folded, intended, invited

6. enjoyed, handled

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