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English Pronunciation for -ed

Read the American English –ed

There are 3 ways to read an –ed ending—the past tense form of verbs.  These are: “t,” “ed” and “d.”  The following chart shows which one you use depending on which sound comes at the end of a word.  Letters that rarely come at the end of words are left out.  These are usually from another language.  Remember that these are sounds.  Common spellings for some sounds are in parenthesis. Get more practice: common verbs and the -ed ending pronunciation.


the "T" sound the "ed" sound the "D" sound
c/k, f (gh or ph), j, (dge),
p, s, z, sh, ch
d, t b, g, l, m, n, r, w, v, y,
a, e, i, o, u

 * A "J" sound at the end of a word will be spelled "dge." An "F" sound at the end is sometimes spelled "gh" or "ph."

Read these sentences with the T sound for “ed:”

1.  The man clocked in at 10am.

2. She laughed for a long time.

3.  The old interstate bridged the river.

4.  We stopped at the traffic light.

5.  The boy tossed the pizza over and over again.

6.  We were jazzed about the new dance hall.

7.  They washed their hands.


Read these sentences with the “ed” sound:”

1.  The criminal was in a padded cell.

2.  The baseball player batted very well last year.

3.  The couple was wedded on January 26th.

4.  She fretted until she found a good lawyer.


Read these sentences with the “D” sound for “ed:”

1.  Ducks have webbed feet.

2.  The boy bagged my groceries.

3.  Our car was jammed between two Mac trucks.

4.  The old woman fanned herself all night.

5.  When the lion roared, the eagle soared.

6.  They vowed to stay together forever.

7.  Roads are paved with good intentions.

8.  The man stayed home all day.


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