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Advanced ESL: Vocabulary Words

Study these SAT vocabulary words. Then practice with SAT vocabulary questions.

Didactic (dī-DAK-tic)
: adj -- providing instruction from an informed source

The book was very didactic--it contained a lot of information about scientific degrees.
That was a pleasantly didactic commentary. Most TV commentators are not so well-informed.

Circumspect (SIR-cum-spect)
: adj - careful, giving care to details

The politician hoped the taxpayers would not be too circumspect when they judged his performance.
The landscaper approached our yard in a circumspect way. I think he will do a good job.

Rudimentary (roo-di-MEN-tury)
: adj - basic, not having to do with detail

My knowledge of German is rudimentary. I can say hello, good-bye and a few other things.
She gave me a rudimentary explanation about car engines.

Exonerate (ex-AHN-er-ate)
: verb - to free from blame or criminal charges

The criminal was exonerated after new evidence came to light.
The senator was exonerated when a reporter discovered that the scandal originated in lies.

Credible (CRE-di-bl)
: adj - believable

That journalist gave a credible account of the happenings in Iran.
I don't believe it. It just isn't credible.

Practice: Complete the sentences with the correct word (answers are at the bottom of the page):

1. The accountant looked over fifty pages of business expenses in a ________________ way. She found four errors.

A. credible
B. didactic
C. rudimentary
D. circumspect
E. exonerated

2. The professor gave a ________________ presentation on electromagnetic technology. He discussed it thoroughly, and we took many notes.

A. credible
B. didactic
C. rudimentary
D. circumspect
E. exonerated

Now study more words and practice them. After that, there are more practice problems using all 10 words on this page.

Sycophant (SICK-uh-fant): noun -- one who flatters and is servile for selfish reasons, a parasite
When he became famous, the musician was disappointed that sycophants seemed to be everywhere.
You can praise her for her success, but make sure you don't sound like a sycophant.
Laudatory (LAH-duh-tory): adj. - deserving praise
That nonprofit has made created many laudatory services for people in need.
The choir gave a laudatory performance last week.
Eradicate (e-RA-di-kate): verb - to wide out completely
The tigers in this area were eradicated by hunting. They still live to the north of here, though.
The tribe that lived on that island was eradicated by a hurricane.
Vex (VEX): verb - to annoy, to irritate
She is easily vexed by people who are inconsiderate drivers.
Our cat appeared to be vexed by our new puppy, though the puppy was not doing anything to it.
Debunk (DEEbunk): verb - to reveal the lack of truth in something, to show that something is false
Scientific exploration debunked the myth that there are monsters in the sea. The monsters people used to believe in were whales, sharks and walruses.
The reporter debunked the president's promise of tax reform. His article showed that the president never intended to reform the tax structure.

More Practice. Complete the sentence with the missing word or words.

3. The cheerleaders were ______________ by their new coach. The coach was picky and gave a lot of criticism while they practiced.

A. eradicated
B. debunked
C. vexed
D. lauded
E. sycophant

4. That species of fish was _____________________ by the arrival of seals in this area.

A. eradicated
B. debunked
C. vexed
D. lauded
E. sycophant

5. She praised her manager so much that no one thought her ideas were _______________. Her coworkers were sure that she was _____________________.

A. laudatory ... circumspect
B. rudimentary ... debunked
C. didactic ... vexed
D. vexed ... exonerated
E. credible ... a sycophant

6. The idea that intelligence can be surmised by the size of a person's head was _____________ years ago. That theory has been proved incorrect by the many ______________ studies that have given real insight into the nature of intelligence.

A. debunked ... vexed
B. credible ... rudimentary
C. vexed ... eradicated
D. didactic ... debunked
E. debunked ... laudatory

7. She isn't looking for __________________ instructions on personal health care. She only needs some _________________ advice to get started with her healthy lifestyle.

A. laudatory ... credible
B. didactic ... rudimentary
C. rudimentary ... eradicated
D. circumspect ... didactic
E. vexed ... debunked

8. The accused woman will only be ____________________ if her lawyer studies the evidence in a _________________ way and finds a new, convincing fact.

A. eradicated ... credible
B. circumspect ... laudatory
C. exonerated ... circumspect
D. vexed ... laudatory
E. a sycophant ... circumspect

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Answers: 1. d, 2. b, 3. c, 4. a, 5. e, 6. e, 7. b, 8. c