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TOEFL exam preparation. Study the words and complete the exercise below.

Get more practice with the story: A Stage at Sea World.

enact (enACT): verb--1. to perform, to act out, 2. to make into a law

After the children saw the movie, they enacted a pretend game with the same plot.
Congress enacted a new law to protect the homeless.

absurd (ubSRD): adj--silly, not reasonable

You threw away all your clothes? That's absurd!
There are many absurd shows on TV. Each show tries to be crazier and crazier.

marvel (MARvel): verb - to observe with awe or wonder

We marveled at the car accident: we counted 10 cars that had crashed in a row.
People marvel at the athletes who compete at the Olympics.

charisma (krIZma): noun - lively or engaging personality

He has a lot of charisma. That's why he's a good car salesman.
She's not the best actor, but she has a lot charisma.

demonstrate (DEMunstrāt): verb -- to show for a purpose, often educational

We had an alarm system put in our house. They demonstrated how to use it, but we set off the alarm by accident.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. Politicians often have ____________________. They need to be well-liked.

2. When we went to the science museum, we ____________ at many exhibits.

3. I can show you how to fix a flat tire on your bike. This time watch and I'll ________________________.

4. The state government ___________ a law that reduces the speed limit in neighborhoods.

5. Our uncle is very funny. He's always making ______________ jokes.


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1. charisma, 2. marveled, 3. demonstrate, 4. enacted, 5. absurd

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