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TOEFL vocabulary. Study the words and complete the exercise below.

Get more practice with the story: The Bird Room.

impressive (imPRESiv): adj. - admirable, better than usual

The singer's performance was impressive. She won America's Got Talent.

feasible (FEEzubl): adj -- do-able, manageable

We can have two cats. Having three or more cats is not feasible with the size of our apartment.

gregarious (greGAIReeus): adj - social, enjoying company

She's not very social. She likes to read and write all the time. Her older sister is the gregarious one in the family. She always has friends at the house.

ample (AMpul): adj - plenty

There's ample room in the suitcase. Bring your tennis shoes and your tennis racket.

dwelling (DWELings): noun -- a home

When we travelled in India, we saw many roadside villages with small dwellings.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. I was never __________________. I like to stay home and do quiet things alone.

2. If you're hungry, eat all you want. We have ___________ food in the house.

3. My daughter pulled up her grades from C's to A's. I told her it was very ________________ work.

4. Many animals create ______________ for themselves inside logs and small caves.

5. We have enough money saved. Our plan to vacation in Miami is ______________.

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