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Study for the TOEFL. Practice by answering questions below.

Get more practice with the story: The Camel.

caution (CAHshun): safety, related to being safe

Please use caution when working with that machine.

challenge (CHAlenj): a difficulty that a person deals with, used in positive ways.
She likes challenges. They help her learn and grow.

core (CŌR): center or basic part of something
Seeds are near the core of an apple.
She did exercises for her core: her stomach and hips.

course (CŌRS): a class, also a route, either by road or symbolically (thought about a path to take), similar to "track"
He is taking a difficult physics course.
He is on a new course. He has a new job and new friends.

crack (CRACK): a rip or tear in something hard, such as rock or concrete
There were many large cracks in the sidewalk. It needed repair.

harvest (HARvest): the time when fruits and vegetables are ripe and they are taken from the fields.
This is the time of harvest. Everything is ripe.

 Practice Using These Nouns (the answers are at the bottom of the page)

1. I think you are on the right ___________. Everything seems right.

2. The _____________ was wonderful. There were many large and healthy foods.

3. There were quite a few _______________ in the stone wall. It needed repair.

4. He faced several _______________ when starting his new job. He had to learn fast and prove himself.

5. Do use ______________ when crossing the street. Drivers are often distracted.

6. Many people do exercises on their __________. It helps when the center of the body is strong.

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1. course, 2. harvest, 3. cracks, 4. challenges, 5. caution, 6. core

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