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TOEFL words. Study and answer questions below.

Get more practice by reading the story: The Small Turtle.

Ideal (ī-DEEL) adj: perfect, exactly as one wants

She was looking for the ideal marriage. That's why she divorced 4 times.

Immense (i-MENS) adj: very big, massive

The Pacific ocean is immense and difficult to cross without a large boat.

Persistent (per-SIS-tent) adj: trying hard, not giving up

His persistent effort was noticed by everyone. He never gave up.

Ongoing (on-GŌ-ing) adj: continuous, not stopping

This sickness has been ongoing, and I'm getting tired of it.

Unique (yoo-NEEK) adj: one of a kind, original

We found a unique restaurant. They have food from Africa, Eastern Europe and China.

Energetic: having a lot of energy, being active

His energetic attitude helped the team to move forward with the project.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. The stadium was _______________________. It could seat 500,000 people.

2. I thought the sweater was ________________. It was hand-woven by an artist from South America.

3. The salesman was _________________. He knocked on the door three times.

4. I think it is the _________________ holiday vacation plan. That island is warm, sunny and beautiful.

5. She suffers from an _____________ headache. Though it gets better at times, she has a headache all day long, every day.

6. I am not feeling ____________________. I have a sore throat and a headache.

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answers: 1. immense, 2. unique, 3. persistent, 4. ideal, 5. ongoing, 6. energetic

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