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TOEFL vocabulary. Study and answer questions below.

 Get more practice with the story: After the Rains.

Abrupt (uh-BRUPT): adj - suddenly, having a sudden end

The car came to an abrupt stop. That was lucky: it prevented an accident.
His abrupt change in manner made me wonder if he was feeling sick.

Acceptable (uhKSEptubl): adj - O.K., agreeable

Let's make sure the terms are acceptable before we sign the contract.

Acclaimed (uh-KLĀMD): adj - having fame, public recognition

The acclaimed actress won the Tony award.

Adverse (udVERS): adj - related to bad, negative situations

After spraining my ankle, I took medication for the pain, but it had adverse effects, especially nausea.

Annoying (uhNOYing): adj - irritating, bothersome, bad in a small, though continuous way

He had the annoying habit of chewing his food with his mouth wide open.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. The music was ____________________. I could not listen very long.

2. We need to put this to an _______________ stop. Our company is losing money.

3. An _________________ jazz musician is playing downtown. We should go!

4. I'm worried about the ________________ effects of living in the city. There's so much pollution.

5. It's an _________________ solution. I think everyone will agree.

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1. annoying, 2. abrupt, 3. acclaimed, 4. adverse, 5. acceptable

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