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TOEFL test practice. Study the words and complete the exercise below.

Get more practice with the story: Reading Labels.

Avoid (uhVOID): verb - to not go near something, to stay away

If you go on a diet, you have to avoid fatty foods.
He tried to avoid his English test by going to the nurse's office, but the nurse said he was all right.

Vapor (VĀpr): noun - mist or gas, air with some moisture

When she combined the two liquids, strange vapors rose form the test tube.
It is a good idea to stay away from vapors that smell bad.

Exposed (exPOSD): adj - being in the open or being in the presence of something new

She tried to cover herself in insect repellent, but she left her knee exposed and got some insect bites.
He enjoyed the museum. He was exposed to many new artists.

Inhalation (inhulĀshun): noun - an inhale, a breath inward

When I got my shot, the nurse told me to take a slow inhalation. While I thought about breathing in slowly, she pricked my arm.

Caution (KAHshun): noun - a warning, a sign or speech for preventing harm

I always read caution labels on medicine bottles.
There was a big sign that said "caution" near the school. I think they are doing some new construction work.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. If you want to calm down, you can take a long, slow ____________________.

2. She tried to hide the paper under a book, but the corner was __________________, and I saw it.

3. He gets sick very easily. When he knows that a friend is sick, he ________________ that person.

4. My mother was looking for the _____________ label on the cleaning fluid. Finally she found it--the print was very small.

5. It was very cold this morning. When I started my car and it began to heat up, _____________ rose up from the hood.

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