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TOEFL vocabulary. Study the TOEFL words and answer questions below.

Get more practice with the story: Snoqualmie Pass.

Allow (uhLOW): verb - to let another do something (could be a person, people or animal)

Don't let the cat out! We do not allow our cat to leave the house.
He wanted to go to the movie, but his parents don't allow him to stay out past 10pm.

Enormous (eeNORmus): adj - very big

The first elephant we saw was big, but this one is enormous!
That boat is enormous. It can carry 1,000 people.

Exremely (exTREEmlee): adv - very much so, more than a person normally expects

She was extremely happy when she won the state competition.
Mountain climbing can be extremely hard.

Deep (DEEP): adj - 1) going far down, 2) complex

Those roots are very deep. I don't know if you can dig to the bottom.
When her aunt died, she had many deep thoughts about life and death.

Dense (DENS): adj - 1) very thick, packed close together, 2) slow in thought

When rabbits run from bigger animals, they sometimes run into dense brush. The bigger animals cannot follow.
"Don't be dense," she said. "You asked for a pencil and there is one right in front of you."

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1.  He was ________________ tired after he stayed awake for 2 days.

2. That water is so ________________ it is hard to swim to the bottom.

3. I saw an __________________ walrus at the zoo. I had no idea they are so big.

4. The teacher won't ________________ me to sit by my friends. She chooses where everyone sits.

5. When it snows every day, the snow becomes _______________. Then it's harder to shovel it.

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1. extremely, 2. deep, 3. enormous, 4. allow, 5. dense
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