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Evaluation Script

Read the script below for your first English evaluation. The script sounds simple, but it covers all major American English pronunciation sounds.

Hello. You asked me how the weather has been. Well, today it is sunny. Yesterday, it was rainy and windy. I stayed home. In the afternoon I watched a movie, washed the dishes and listened to some new music that my friend emailed to me. Today, I plan to go for a walk while the weather is good. However, work can always change my plans. If my manager calls, I may need to do some internet research and go to the office early tomorrow. I'm trying to do work that is above and beyond the average, since I am new at this workplace. It is not easy to focus on work during spring. The flowers are in bloom and many people are walking to the cafes in the neighborhood.
It's always difficult to balance business and health, not to mention a social life. My sister is coming into town next week. I want to take her to the modern museum of art. I think I'll take her to the downtown library as well. Her husband is coming too. He wants to visit the pubs with expensive beers. I figure I can add one of those to our touring agenda. There is also a new music museum. They have a lot of audio recordings with really interesting musical sounds. Outside the museum, there is a fountain where children often play. The water rises and falls. I think it must be programmed on a computer. On a clear day, you can see the mountains in the distance. It is a very beautiful downtown center.

Evaluation Questions

1. Which languages do you speak? If you speak several languages, which ones may affect your English the most?

2. How old were you when you began learning English? For how many years have you studied English?

3. When an American speaks, how much do you understand? For example, you might understand 50%, 75% or 95% of what an American says.

4. When you do not understand an American, what is the reason or reasons? For example, you might not understand because you do not have experience listening to Americans, because some Americans speak quickly, or other reasons.

5. When you speak to an American, how much do you think the American understands?

6. When an American does not understand you, what may be the reason or reasons?

7. What is your pronunciation goal? For example, do you want to understand pronunciation rules, speak more clearly without losing your accent, or sound as much like a native speaker as possible?

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