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English Grammar for Adults

Learning English grammar is difficult for adults. However, it is helpful to remember the strengths you have when you are older:
  • You have a job and interests. You can apply your grammar study to your life.
  • You learned rules and applied them as a child, but as an adult, you may no longer have the time or patience to do this. That's no problem--you can learn with practice and repetition.
You can learn grammar with repetition by writing sentences that model correct sentences. If the sentence has a noun--verb--adjective, you write a noun--verb--adjective. Or think like this: person--to be verb--description.

It is also good to write sentences about yourself and your own life because you will remember them. Observe the examples below.

Basic Model Sentence
Personal Model Sentence
The dog is hungry.
The boy is tired.
I am happy.
The bird flies in the sky.
The man walks down the street.
I drive along the interstate.
The girl studied hard for her test.
The manager worked hard for a living.
I cleaned quickly before the party.
When the door opened, a tall man came into the room.
When the lights went out, the little boy crawled under a chair.
When my alarm went off, my daughter ran into the kitchen.
"O.K.," the woman said, turning to the door, "but please sign the contract."
"Fine," the man said, walking to his car, "but please think about the idea."
"Sure," my son said, getting on his three-wheeler, "but please push my bike."

Study at your level: simple sentences or complex sentences. This method can be used by beginners or advanced students.

Of course, it is best to model sentences using one grammar rule at a time.
You can use many pages on this site to do this.
Some good pages are listed below.

This method puts the order of words in your mind. It is not easy and it takes time, but it is effective.

If you are not sure of your sentences, check them with a friend or teacher. Grammar check programs may also help.

Verb Tenses Chart

Present Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Two-Word Verbs

Conditional Verbs

Adjectives and Adverbs


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