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English Grammar for Adults: Advanced Verb Tenses 2--Hobbies

As on the first Grammar for Adults page, review the verb tenses and put them into practice below.

present perfect
have/has studied
present perfect progressive
have/has been studying
past perfect
had studied
past perfect progressive
had been studying
future perfect
will have studied
future perfect progressive
will have been studying
future progressive
will be studying

Now fill in the blanks with information about yourself. This time, the subject is a favorite hobby or interest. If needed, replace "study" with "play," "practice" or a verb that fits better. Example 1 shows how you can fill in the blanks. Example 2 shows how you can change it a little bit more to fit your activity. After you have your 7 sentences, read them once a day or repeat them to yourself whenever you can. This will help the verb tenses become part of your knowledge.

1. I have studied _____________ for ______________.  [name of hobby / length of time, i.e. "a long time" or "a few months"]

2. I have been _____________  for _______ .  [verb related to hobby in "-ing" form + noun if needed / length of time, i.e. "2 months," "1 year"]

3. I had already studied ______________ before I started studying ______________.  [name of another hobby that is similar / name of hobby]

4. I had been studying _____________ for _______ years before I became interested in _______________.  [name of other hobby / length of time: "months" or "years" / name of hobby]

5. By next year, I will have studied _____________ for _______ years.  [name of hobby from #1 / number]

6. Next year, I will have been studying both  ___________ and _____________ for ______ years.  [name of each hobby / total number + 1]

7. I will be studying ____________ next.  [name of one more possible hobby]

Example 1

1. I have studied history for a long time.
2. I have been reading history books for 10 years.
3. I had already studied classic literature before I started studying history.
4. I had been studying classic literature for 3 years before I became interested in history.
5. By next year, I will have studied history for 11 years.
6. Next year, I will have studied both classic literature and history for 14 years.
7. I will be studying modern literature next.

Example 2

1. I have played tennis for only a few months.
2. I have been taking tennis lessons for 2 months.
3. I had already started jogging before I began playing tennis.
4. I had been jogging for a year before I became interested in tennis.
5. By next year, I will have played tennis for a year and a half.
6. Next year, I will have been exercising regularly for two and a half years.
7. I will be trying volleyball next.

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