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English Grammar: Article Practice 

Fill in the missing words. Use: 0 (zero or nothing), a, an, the, some, for, to.

Answers are below.

1. My younger brother is ______ musician.

2. He wants ______ attend ______ university with ______ great music department.

3. He plays ______ piano. He practices _______ 2 hours ______ day.

4. He believes ______ piano is ______ greatest instrument.

5. He has applied ______ ______ University of Virginia and ______ Boston University.

6. He also wants ______ study languages.

7. He knows ______ Italian and Spanish.

8. He thinks ______ German language is very difficult.

Review the basics rules for articles.

Review When to Use articles.

Review When Not to Use articles.



1) a, 2) to, a, a, 3) the, for, a, 4) the, the, 5) to, the, 0, 6) to, 7) some, 8) the  


 1. “a” musician: count noun, first reference

2. wants “to” attend: infinitive verb or “to” between verbs; “a” university, “a” great music department:

unknown or not specific university and department

3. “the” piano: use “the” with classes of instruments: the piano, the trumpet, etc.

4. “for” 2 hours: use “for” for periods of time with an activity, “a” day: a = per

5.  applied “to”: “apply to” is a verb/preposition combination. Say “apply to” a school” and “apply for” a degree.

 “the” university of Washington: always use “the” with “university of _______” and do not use “the” without “university of.”

Example: His B.A. is from the University of South Carolina and his M.B.A. is from Harvard University.

6. wants “to” study: same as #2

7. “some” Italian: noncount noun with quantity. Example: He wants some milk.

8. “the” German language: use “the” when the name of a language is followed by “language.”
English is a difficult language. The English language is difficult.

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