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English Grammar: Article Basics Practice

Read the passages. They talk about business methods. The uses of "a," "an" and "the" are described below.

Being a Manager and Taking Risks

Study the Reading

Risk-taking is necessary for learning. Some people do not take risks because they are afraid that if they take a risk, they will fail. To be an effective manager, you have to tell people that failures can lead to learning experiences. Create a clear method for dealing with mistakes. This is the best way to motivate your workers. The method you create will help people feel free to take risks.

Rules of A, An, The

take a risk – means take “one” risk

an effective manager – means “one” and this refers to managers generally

a clear method – means “one” and refers to methods generally

the best way – because it is best, it is not general

risks, failures, learning experiences, mistakes: None of these are known. For example, to say “take the risks,” you need to have already mentioned which exact risks you mean. To say, “dealing with the mistakes,” you need to mean specific mistakes, such as “dealing with the mistakes we recently made.”

people – serves as both a count and a noncount noun. Usually it is noncount. To say “a people” or “the people,” you mean people of a particular region or nationality.

Business Socials

Study the Reading

When you go to a social work event, use these tips. Most people start conversations by saying various things to try to find a point of interest. Soon you should find a topic that suits both of you. Continue the conversation for a while. Then be sure to move on.  It is good etiquette to make the rounds at a social gathering, especially for business. As you get to know the other people, your coworkers, you will build the ties that will allow you to be confident in your career.

Rules of A, An, The

a social event – one event generally

a point of interest – one point

a topic – one topic

the conversation – the conversation is now known, is going on

make the rounds – an idiom for walking around and talking to everyone at a party

a social gathering – one gathering generally  

the other people – known people, the event has been talked about during the paragraph

the ties that will allow you – adjective phrase “that will…” makes “ties” known

conversations, things – not specific conversations or things

for business – “business” can be count or noncount. “A” or “the” business refers to a company of some kind. “Business” refers to the overall idea of exchanging goods.

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