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English Grammar: Prepositions that Describe Place

Study the picture and read the story to practice these common prepositions that indicate place or location.

people in the city

These two women are at a coffee shop. They are sitting at a table on the sidewalk outside the front door of the shop. The women are sitting next to each other. In front of them, there is an intersection. There is a red newspaper stand beside a pole. There is a tree in the center of the sidewalk in front of the women. The women are behind the tree. The tree is between the two women. You can see the walk/don't walk sign on the pole near and over the head of the woman on the left. You can see the lighted don't walk sign across the street near the woman on the right. You can see a blue bicycle in front of the woman on the right. There are green trees in front of the building across the street. The blue car has stopped under a large blue sign. The woman with the cup of coffee is on the left. The sun shines over everything.     

Tip: "on the right" and "to the right" are basically the same. The only difference is with the word "of."
We say "It's to the right of the house." Or we say, "It's next to the house, the right side." So use to with "to the right of _______."

Tip 2: Practice prepositions by writing down all the prepositional phrases in the paragraph. Learn more about prepositional phrases.

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