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Verbs with Prepositions

Some verbs go with some prepositions. There is no rule for this: you have to memorize them.

Agree about

We agreed about the meeting time.

Agree on

We agreed on the amount of money.

Agree with

I agree with you completely.

Agree to

He agreed to wait for two hours.

Argue about

They argued about money.

Ask about

She asked about my mother’s health.

Care about

She cares about her mother.

Care for

A good nurse cares for my aunt.

Complain about

I had to complain about the bad service.

Cry about

She cried about losing her job.

Cry over

Don’t cry over nothing.

Dream about

He dreams about having a lot of money.

Dream of

I dream of a peaceful world.

Fight about

The couple fights about everything.

Fight over

They fought over money during the divorce.

Forget about

Forget about keeping your job.

Hear about

Did you hear about the snow storm?

Hear from

I heard from my uncle. He’s fine.

Joke about

Don’t joke about serious things.

Know about

I know about what happened to you.

Laugh about

There’s nothing to laugh about. This is serious.

Laugh at

I think she’s laughing at me. How rude!

Laugh with

I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing with you.

Lie about

You lied about the money.

Pray about

We’ll have to pray about it.

Read about

I read about the murder in the newspaper.

Sing about

She sings about love. It’s her favorite subject.

Speak to

He spoke to me earlier in the day.

Speak with

I need to speak with the new employee.

Talk about

Let’s talk about it first.

Talk to

I need to talk to you this morning.

Teach about

I am teaching them about grammar.

Think about

Did you think about what you want to do?

Think of

I can’t think of another plan.

Wonder about

I wonder about our new neighbors.

Worry about

Don’t worry about it too much.

Write about

She wrote me about the insurance.

Write to

I’m writing to my mother.

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