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Verbs with Prepositions 2

Some verbs go with some prepositions. There is no rule for this: you have to memorize them.

Advise of

He was advised of the new situation.

Aim at

He aimed at the ball and hit it.

Come with

She is coming with me.

Concentrate on

He concentrated on being successful.

Cooperate with

She cooperated with the police.

Focus on

The team focused on the goal.

Give to

I give to charity every year.

Glare at

She glared at me for a long time.

Guess at

I cannot guess at what you’re thinking.

Help with

Do you need help with anything?

Invest in

You should invest in software.

Learn of

I learned of a new development.

Listen to

Why don’t you listen to me?

Look at

I need to look at the newspaper.

Negotiate with

We are negotiating with them.

Participate in

I participate in many activities.

Participate with

She participated with the singer’s group.

Push toward

We need to push toward success.

Remind of

I was reminded of my childhood.

Respond to

I will respond to your email soon.

Shoot at

The soldier shot at his enemy.

Sympathize with

I sympathize with you.

Work for

He works for Microsoft.

Work on

He is working on a new project.

Work toward

The team is working toward their goal.

Work with

He works with 7 other people.

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