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Listening for L and R Sounds

Listen to the video and choose which word you hear.

Write down your answers. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

Watch Video

Listen for First Letters:

1. A. lamp          B. ramp

2. A. late            B. rate

3. A. laughed      B. raft       

4. A. line           B. rind

5. A. list           B. wrist

6. A. long         B. wrong

7. A. lot            B. rot

8. A. low           B. row

9. A. lain          B. rain

10. A. land       B. ran

11. A. lead        B. read

12. A. lead        B. read

13. A. light       B. right

14. A. link         B. ring

15. A. load        B. road

16. A. lock         B. rock

Practice Tip: You can also use this list repeatedly with an instructor. Your instructor writes down a list of answers, then speaks the words to you. You write your answers and see if they match. You can also reverse this to check your pronunciation: you write down a set of answers, then speak, and see if your instructor was able to hear you correctly.
Review the L Sound: Watch a Video.   Review the R sound: Watch a Video.

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1. B. ramp, 2. B. rate, 3. A. laughed, 4. B. ring, 5. A. list, 6. A. long, 7. A. lot, 8. B. row, 9. A. lain, 10. B. ran, 11. A. lead, 12. A. led, 13. A. light, 14. B. ring, 15, A. load, 16. B. rock

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