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My Vocabulary: Culture

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about culture.

1. In your culture, how do parents raise small children? Do they provide a lot of instruction or let the children play a lot?

2. In your culture, what do parents expect from teenagers and college students?

3. When do most people get married and have kids? Did you do this or do you plan to do this?

4. Describe the casual conversation you usually have when you meet a friend for coffee or lunch. What kinds of things do you talk about?

5. If you were at a business conference in your country, how would you meet people? How would you begin conversations?

6. When you write emails to business people in your language, what is the standard form? Is it casual or formal?

7. Do you think that your culture is very conservative? Why or why not?

8. Do you prefer modern culture or traditional culture? Why?

9. Name two musical instruments that are associated with your culture. Choose one that is traditional and one that is modern. Explain.

10. Describe an animal or plant that is a symbol of your culture. Why is it important to your people?

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