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My Vocabulary: Home

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about the places you have lived.

1. How many places have you lived? Describe each place briefly.

2. Describe your current home in detail. Is it a house, condominium or apartment? How many rooms are there? Is it large or small?

3. Do you like to keep your home clean or is it messy? Which room tends to get more messy than the others? Why? Which room is cleanest and why?

4. How does your home demonstrate your personality? How do you decorate or arrange it such that your personality shows?

5. Name three ways that your current home differs from the home of your parents.

6. Name three ways that your current home is similar to the home of your parents. Do you have possessions that you inherited from your family in your home? If so, what are they?

7. Think of a friend who has an interesting home and describe it. Would you want to live there or not?

8. Do you prefer to live in the city or countryside? Why? When you retire, where do you want to live?

9. Imagine the perfect home, a "dream home." What does it look like? Describe it in detail.

10. Are you making plans to help yourself attain your dream home or is it just a dream? Why or why not?

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