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My Vocabulary: Language

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about languages.

1. How many languages can you speak? What is your proficiency in these languages?

2. Ideally, how many languages do you think an average person should speak? Why?

3. Name 3 languages that are very important for international business people now. Why are they important?

4. In 50 to 100 years, do you think a new language might become important? If so, which language and why?

5. Describe the differences between the vowels in your language and the vowels of American English.

6. Name one sound that is used in your language that is not used in American English. If there is no sound, name a sound combination, like the American "tion" or "oi."

7. How does your language differ from American English in syllable stress and word stress?

8. How does your language differ from English in grammar? What is the basic form of a sentence?

9. In American English, what three sounds are most difficult for you? How do you practice these sounds?

10. If a person studied your language, what would be hardest to learn?

11. Is your language formal or informal by nature? Explain.

12. Out of all the languages you have heard, which one sounds the most beautiful? Which one sounds the least attractive? Why?

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