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My Vocabulary: Math and Science

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about math and science.

1. When you were a small child, did you enjoy the math fundamentals: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

2. Did you enjoy Algebra, Geometry and Calculus? Which one was your favorite? If not, why did you dislike these courses?

3. Which math courses did you take in college? Were these courses required by your degree program?

4. As an adult, how did you benefit from learning mathematics? Did it change the way you think? If so, how? Which math skills do you use regularly?

5. Do you remember doing any science experiments for school?

6. If choosing between biology, chemistry and physics, which is your favorite? Why? Which is your least favorite? Why?

7. Do you think that you use science in your daily life? Is so, how?

8. Do you like to read journals, websites or books about science? If so, what have you read?

9. Describe a math or science teacher that inspired you. How did this person influence you?

10. Name one person who is famous in math or science. What do you know about this person?

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