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My Vocabulary: Animals and Plants

Use these questions to find your daily vocabulary, especially how you might speak about animals and plants.


1. Do you have pets now? If so, describe them. If not, why not?

2. Did your family have pets when you were young? If so, what were they? How did you help with taking care of them?

3. Are there many animals near where you live? Describe the birds or small animals you might see sometimes. If your hometown is a lot different from where you live now, describe some of the animals there also.

4. Out of all animals, which one is your favorite? Why?

5. Are there any animals, reptiles or insects that you fear? If so, describe why you are afraid of them.

6. Do you believe in conservation of wildlife? Why or why not?

7. Do you keep a garden or indoor plants? Are you good at taking care of plants? If so, what's your secret? If not, what goes wrong?

8. If you keep a garden or indoor plants, do you prefer flowers or leafy plants? Even if you do not keep plants, which would you prefer and why?

9. What kinds of plants are near your home? What do the trees and bushes look like? Do your neighbors keep gardens?

10. Describe a park that is near your home. What can you see at this park? Are there trails? Views? Do a lot of people go there?

11. Describe the most beautiful park or natural place that you have even seen. What did it look like?


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