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My Vocabulary: Communicating About Town

Use these questions to find your daily vocabulary, especially vocabulary you use when going places in town. 


1. When you go to a cafe, what drink do you usually order? What are other drinks that you order sometimes? If you get food, what do you get?

2. What kinds of restaurants do you like? What food do you often order at these restaurants? What drinks do you order?

3. If you were looking for a restaurant and had a choice between a beautiful restaurant with an o.k. menu and a normal looking restaurant with a great menu, which would you choose? Why?

4. When you are taking the bus, metro or a taxi, do you ask the driver or other passengers about where to get off? If so, what stops have you asked about? Which stops might you ask about in future?

5. Imagine you are touring with some friends. Your group plans to visit a city library, an art museum, an inner city park with statues and a natural park by the sea or mountains. If you could plan the day, which would you do first, second, third and fourth? Why?

6. Again, imagine you are touring with friends. Your group plans to visit an aquarium, a downtown shopping center, an historic city area and a university with interesting architecture. If you could plan the day, which would you do first, second, third and fourth? Why?

7. What do you like to do at night? Describe the kind of place you enjoy visiting after dark and why you like it.

8. When you buy new things, what is your preferred method of payment? Do you like to use cash, check or charge? Why?

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