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My Vocabulary: Health

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about your health and the health of your family.

1. Are you basically healthy at this time? Explain. Do you try to keep yourself healthy? If so, how?

2. Do you catch a cold or flu each year or only sometimes? Describe the worst cold or flu you have had recently.

3. Do you get headaches, stomachaches, or backaches? If so, how often? How bad is the pain? Do you get allergies? If so, during which time of year?

4. Do you know anyone who has broken a bone? Describe how it happened and how the person was treated.

5. What habits are the worst for one's health? Explain your opinions on what people should not do if they want to stay healthy.

6. Describe the health of 3 people you know. Try to choose people who are different from each other.

7. What is your family's health history? Talk about both your father's and mother's side of the family. Does your family history affect the way your think about your health?

8. Do you have a family doctor that you know well? Or is there a hospital or clinic that your family uses? Describe your doctor and/or the hospital or clinic.

9. How is health care managed in your country? Is there government support? Is there both western and alternative medicine? How do people manage their health generally?

10. What would be ideal for a health care system? Have you heard of a system that seems very good? Or do you have ideas about how your country could improve?

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