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My Vocabulary: Who I Am

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about yourself.

1. What are you friends like? Do they tend to be practical or imaginative?

2. When you make a decision, do you think about it carefully? Or do you make quick decisions? How do you tend to decide things?

3. If you see a movie or show, are you more interested in the plot or the characters? Are you more impressed by the logic of the movie or by the emotions in the movie?

4. At a party, do you talk to everyone or do you talk to a few people? Think about both parties with family and parties with friends.

5. At the party, do you stay until the end or do you leave early? Why?

6. If you hear gossip about someone, do you keep it to yourself? Do you tell someone else? Do you enjoy gossip or do you dislike it?

7. When you do everyday things, are you likely to do things in the usual way? Or do you do things your own way? Discuss one example.

8. Are you punctual or often late? Are you punctual for some things and late for others? Describe your general sense of time.

9. When you are working on projects for school or work, do you prefer to have things completed or not yet complete? Why?

10. When you make a phone call, do you think about what you will say first in some situations? If so, which ones? How much do you think before making the call?

11. Are you cool-headed or warm-hearted generally? Explain.

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