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My Vocabulary: Who I Am

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about yourself.

1. When you're at a social, do you initiate conversation? Do you wait for someone to talk to you? Why?

2. Which is better--being organized or being able to adapt? Why?

3. Do you like doing spontaneous things? Do you feel energized when you do spontaneous things with friends or do you feel tired later from the activity?

4. Do you prefer to have many friends that you know somewhat? Or a few friends that you know very well? Why?

5. In your career, would you most prefer to be involved in production or design? Why does your choice fit your personality?

6. Are you comfortable having lengthy conversations with people you do not know well? Or do you keep these conversations short?

7. Are you someone that is easy to approach for conversation? Or do other people consider you somewhat resevered? Explain with an example.

8. When your phone rings, are you more likely to let it go to voicemail or answer it? When and why would you choose to let it go to voicemail?

9. In a relationship, do you tend to compromise or push for the things you want? Does this change with different people or is it mostly the same?

10. In a relationship, are you more outgoing or more reserved than your friend or partner. Or are you both one way or the other? Explain.


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