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My Vocabulary: Money

Use these questions to find your daily vocabulary, especially how you might speak about money. 


1. Do you use credit cards? Why or why not? If so, for what purposes do you use credit cards?

2. Do you keep a savings account at the bank? If so, do you deposit into it regularly or now and again? Do you think a savings is important or not so much?

3. If a friend or relative asks you for $20 or less, will you give the money? Will you ask for it back at a later date or will you let the person choose whether or not to give it back? Why?

4. If a friend or relative asks you for a loan of $50 or more, will you lend the money? Why or why not? What is the highest dollar amount you might lend someone?

5. What major item do you spend money on? Major items might be rent, monthly bills, a car payment or similar things. Do you hope to lessen this expense in the future? If so, how?

6. What personal item do you spend money on? Personal items might be clothes, jewelry or small things for your home. Do you think you spend too much on this? Why or why not?

7. If you have a choice between a high quality expensive product and a low quality, but much cheaper product, which will you choose? Why? Do you choose both at different times? If so, with which products do you prefer high quality and which ones are o.k. at low quality?

8. Do you enjoy going shopping when there's a sale? Given a choice between the two, would you prefer a small sale in one store or a holiday weekend with sales in every store?

9. Is there a time during the year when you spend the most money? Is there a time during the year when you spend the least money?

10. What role does money play in your life? In other words, what is your personal philosophy about money?

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