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My Vocabulary: Talking about the Past

Use these questions to find your daily vocabulary, especially how to tell stories about your childhood.


1. Did you live in one city or town as a child or did your family move a lot? How many years did you spend in each place?

2. Describe the town or city where you lived (if you lived in many places, choose one). Describe the houses, streets and landscape. Describe people you knew well.

3. How many schools did you attend while growing up? Choose one school to talk about. What did the school look like on the outside and on the inside? How were your teachers? Describe a teacher you liked the most and one you liked the least.

4. What is a favorite childhood memory? Describe the memory using as much detail as you can: think about colors, voices, time of day, and so on. Try to show the feeling of the memory: was it happy, sad, funny or something else?

5. What activities did you enjoy in childhood? What toys did you prefer? Did you like games such as "hide and seek," jump rope, sports or pretend games (using imagination)? Describe one game you played a lot. Did you have pets you played with?

6. How were your parents during your childhood? Were they strict? If so, what rules did they have? Were they laid back (relaxed)? If so, what kinds of things did they let you do?

7. What was your favorite holiday as a child? Describe everything that happened for that holiday. Is this still your favorite holiday now? Why or why not?

8. Did your family travel very much? Did you visit relatives regularly? Did you go touring anywhere? Describe a trip that you took--or a particular memory from the trip.

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