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My Vocabulary: The People I Know

Find your daily vocabulary, especially ways to talk about people. 

Physical Description

1. Describe someone in your family. Use details: facial features, size, clothes that are often worn. Now describe everyone in your family. Do not say everything about each person--use one feature or trait to describe each person.

2. Describe a very good friend or a best friend in detail. Now describe several friends, but use one feature to describe each person.

3. Think about two strangers or acquaintances you have seen in the last week. Describe them.

4. Describe one famous man and one famous woman. Why do you like or dislike these people?

Describing Qualities

Repeat 1 and 2. This time describe the qualities of these people. You can also do 3 and 4 by imagining or speculating about the qualities of strangers and famous people.

A. What is the person's voice like? Is it deep or high? Is it soft or loud?
B. How is the person's posture and movement? Does the person have good posture or slouch? Does the person walk with ease, with tension, very slowly or very quickly?
C. How is this person emotionally? Does the person cry easily or become angry easily? Is the person even-tempered?
D. Is this person more practical than artistic or more artistic than practical? Or is the person both artistic and practial?
E. Do you agree with the person's morals or ethics. Why or why not?

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