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My Vocabulary: Religion and Life

Use these questions to find your daily vocabulary, especially how you might speak about religion (if you do not follow one religion, please think of this in terms of spirituality.


1. How does your religion relate to your everyday life? Or, how do your everyday choices reflect your religion?

2. Do you reserve time for your religion everyday? If so, what do you do?

3. Do you reserve time for your religion once a week? If so, what do you do then?

4. Are you more or less religious than your parents? Explain the differences between yourself and your parents.

5. Do you think that your religious values will change over time? Explain how you imagine they might change.

6. What is your favorite religious holiday? What does it mean to you?

7. Which political model is better: tolerance of religion or a secular state? Why?

8. Do you know anyone that you consider "too religious?" If so, describe this person. Do you know anyone that you consider lacking in religion? If so, describe this person.

9. Which do you prefer in a religious building: beauty or simplicity? Why?

10. Imagine you could not practice your religion openly because of the politics of your government. What would you do?

11. If you could change the world to reflect your religious values, how would you change it?

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