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R-sound Practice from the 500 Common Words

R Sound Introduction
Business R Words
Advanced R Vocabulary

Build your R sound by reading this practice conversation. First review the words.

From the 500 Common Words
: area, before, country, direct, early, every, father, for, from, form, first, girl, great, ground, group, grow, here, hour, interest, mark, measure, morning, mother, paper, picture, power, problem, product, reach, record, remember, through, together, travel, tree, true, try, turn, three, their, very, were, where, write, work, world

Two office workers discuss a project and make small talk.

A: I have the three edited forms from their office. 

B: That’s great. Let’s review them. Before we turn in our response, let’s try to meet here and work through our ideas together.

A: To have measurable results about our products, the forms need to be direct to record the true responses of our clients. 

B: They need to cover a lot of ground, reach a wide area of our clients’ possible problems and interests.

A: Can we meet early tomorrow morning? Do you think we’ll need one hour or two hours? 

B: One hour is fine. Should we mark up our corrections on paper?

A: If writing it down first is easier for you, that’s fine. Eventually, we will present our work to the group with a Powerpoint presentation. Did you read the newspaper this morning? 

B: No. why?

A: There was a really good article on landscape around the world. The photographer must have traveled to many countries. There were pictures of urban neighborhoods, farmlands, forests and deserts.

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