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Small Talk: The Weather

Small talk helps to build relationships in business environments. The weather is always an easy subject for small talk: everyone has an interest in it! Read these and then try more weather conversations.


Conversation 1

Mary: How’s the weather today?

John: It’s all right. Not too warm, not too cold.

Mary: Do you think I need a sweater?

John: No, not if you’re not going out for long.

Mary: Are you sure? I’m pretty cold-blooded.

John: Well, in that case, you might bring a sweater along.

Conversation 2

John: I’m going to lunch. Is it raining yet?

Mary: Not yet, but the clouds look ominous.

John: Do you recommend an umbrella?

Mary: Sure. Or at least a good hat and coat.

John: It was raining this morning. Then it stopped and the sun came out, but the clouds were moving fast.

Mary: I know. I noticed that too when I was driving to work.

John: Did you bring a raincoat?

Mary: No, I don’t like raincoats. I prefer a good umbrella—unless it’s too windy.

Conversation 1 Idioms/Phrases

Pretty cold-blooded.  “Pretty” means “rather” or “somewhat.” “Cold-blooded” means “having cold blood” like a reptile which means a person often feels cold or is easily made cold.

Conversation 2 Idioms/Phrases

Clouds look ominous: clouds are dark and it will probably rain.

Variations: the clouds are very dark, the clouds look forbidding, the clouds look stormy, there are storm clouds in the sky, there are rain clouds in the sky.


Conversation 3

Mary: I’m so glad to be going home. It’s such a sunny day!

John: I know. It’s beautiful outside. Do you have any plans?

Mary: I might sit on my deck and enjoy it for a while with my kids.

John: I know what you mean. I plan to soak in the sun in my own backyard.

Mary: My husband and I sometimes go hiking too along with our kids.

John: That’s not for me. I like a good chair and a book instead.

Mary: Well, enjoy the beautiful weekend!

John: You too!

Conversation 3: Idioms/Phrases

I know what you mean: I feel the same or I have the same ideas.

Soak in the sun: enjoy the sun or sit/lay in the sun

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