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TOEFL Vocabulary: Adjectives 2

Second Syllable Stress: pronounce all of these words by stressing the second syllable.

Abrupt: stopped suddenly, having a sudden end

The car came to an abrupt stop. That was lucky: it prevented an accident.
His abrupt change in manner made me wonder if he was feeling sick.

Acceptable: O.K., agreeable

Let's make sure the terms are acceptable before we sign the contract.

Acclaimed: having fame, public recognition

The acclaimed actress won the Tony award.

Adverse: related to bad, negative situations

After spraining my ankle, I took medication for the pain, but it had adverse effects, especially nausea.

Annoying: irritating; bad in a small, though continuous way

He had the annoying habit of chewing his food with his mouth wide open.

Practice 1: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. The music was ____________________. I could not listen very long.

2. We need to put this to an _______________ stop. Our company is losing money.

3. An _________________ jazz musician is playing downtown. We should go!

4. I'm worried about the ________________ effects of living in the city. There's so much pollution.

5. It's an _________________ solution. I think everyone will agree. 

More Second Syllable Stress: pronounce all of these words by stressing the second syllable.

Appealing: pleasing to the senses

This dress is so appealing! Everyone will be watching you enter the room.
He thought the college was not very appealing. He's going to visit other schools.

Appropriate: good for the occasion

It is wise to wear appropriate clothes to a job interview.

Attractive: having good features, either physically or symbolically

The job offer was very attractive. I have never been offered so much vacation time.
The little boy was wonderfully attractive. Everyone was enjoying his bright face.
Autonomous: from one's own doing, related to a single person's effort

Her autonomous work created great results. Everyone was impressed.

Complex: having many sides/facets, either physically or symbolically

People want world peace, but the world is very complex. Every nation has a different government, a different culture and different priorities.

Practice 2: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. He likes to be _________________. He doesn't like working on teams.

2. Is this tie _______________? Or is it too formal?

3. I thought the theatrical performance was very ____________. There were so many colorful backdrops, and the actors were great.

4. That book describes anatomy in a ____________ way. You may want to read an easier book first.

5. There were many _____________ people at the Genetics Convention. It seems the scientists did their research on each other.

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Practice 1: 1. annoying, 2. abrupt, 3. acclaimed, 4. adverse, 5. acceptable
Practice 2: 1. autonomous, 2. appropriate, 3. appealing, 4. complex, 5. attractive

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