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TOEFL Vocabulary: Adverbs

Stress the 1st Syllable of These Adverbs. Study, Then Practice Below.

actually: having truth or reality, can be used very informally
Everyone thought my older brother was a perfect student. Actually, he asked me for a lot of help.
I think my paycheck actually arrived!

chiefly: mainly, having number one importance
He is chiefly interested in physics, though he loves marine biology.

constantly: all the time, ongoing without relief
She constantly asks for my opinion. I wish she would make her own choices.

purposefully: with intention or purpose
I'm sorry to say this, but I think he said that purposefully. He wanted to upset you.

scarcely: hardly, barely, having very little
After the biology exam, I scarely have an hour to eat lunch before my algebra exam.

visibly: able to be seen
She was visibly sad when reading the book. She almost cried.

Fill in the missing words. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. She is ______________ practicing law, though she manages a small business as well.
2. He __________________ let his dog get near her dog. He wanted to talk to her.
3. The students were ___________ upset when they saw the exam results. Everyone got a C or lower.
4. My day is booked. I ____________ have time to stand up and stretch between appointments.
5. That child is ______________ more messy than any kid I have met.
6. She is ______________ complaining about her headache. I am getting worried about her.

Stress the 2nd Syllable of These Adverbs. Study, Then Practice Below.

abroad: out of the country
We're going abroad for three weeks. We plan to pass through Germany and visit India.

comparatively: having to do with comparison or seeing how things/people are alike and/or different
She is comparatively thinner and paler than when I saw her last time.

exceedingly: very much so
He was exceedingly pleased to be accepted to Harvard. He wanted to go there all his life.

exclusively: related to a select few or a select one
This store exclusively sells hats. That's all we do.
The sale is exclusively for cardholders, but you can get a credit card today if you want.

haphazardly: having no organization or planning
He bought furniture haphazzardly. Everything is a different color.

indeed: in fact, having truth, (not used in popular speech, formal)
The woman asked if he wanted water. Indeed, he was quite tired.

routinely: happening on a regular schedule
She sees the doctor routinely during her pregnancy.

sufficiently: having enough
I think the baby has been fed sufficiently. She doesn't seem to want anymore.

Stress the 3rd Syllable of This Adverb. Study, Then Practice Below.

theoretically: having to do with a theory, an idea that has not been proved, can be used informally to show that reality differs from ideas
Theoretically, the bridge will hold massive weight, but the state sets much lower limits in order to be safe.
Theoretically, my brother should be wiser than I am, since he's 12 years older, but I don't think that's actually the case.

Fill in the missing words. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. Her mother ____________ calls her every Sunday. They talk for an hour.
2. He is studying ______________ for one year. Then he will come back to the states.
3. The manager ________________ called on people to speak. The meeting was confusing, not helpful at all.
4. Though he has a few problems, your father is _______________ strong. Other men his age have many health issues.
5. _________________, this recipe should create a fabulous dinner. But I've never tried it myself.
6. She was ______________ angry when the policeman gave her a speeding ticket. I told her to calm down.
7. The dress was designed _____________ for the actress.
8. The woman was tired. ____________, she was more tired than she had ever been before.
9. He pursued promotions until he was ______________ satisfied with his income.

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1st Syllable answers: 1. chiefly, 2. purposefully, 3. visibly, 4. scarcely, 5. actually, 6. constantly
2nd/3rd Syllable Stress Answers: 1. routinely, 2. abroad, 3. haphazzardly, 4. comparatively, 5. theoretically, 6. exceedingly, 7. exclusively, 8. indeed, 9. sufficiently

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